Made to Order Cat, Owl Sterling Silver Spoon Bangle Bracelet, Wrap, Stackable

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This is a sterling silver pendant made from an “Indian Totem Pole” spoon.

A totem is an emblem, such as an animal or plant, that is believed to have spiritual significance and watches over the family, clan, or tribe symbolizing their guardian spirit or helper refer to Totem Pole Art and Design.

This bracelet is of an owl on one side.
Owl Representation: Wisdom, deception, intuition, insight, messenger, mystery, freedom, secrets, stealth, vision.

The cat totem meaning is of intelligence, protection, independence, agility, and curiosity. People that have it in their possession will feel the drive to enlightenment. They will have magnetism, good vibes that will draw others around them.

The bracelet is a size 7.5 at its current point but is adjustable.

The bracelet is 1/2” at its widest point.
8 Gauge Wire

As you can see in photos it is marked Sterling Silver.

Processing for this item will take approximately 3 weeks.

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